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Monday, July 11, 2005

No more waiting!!!

Wow, big delay in posting, but the waiting is over! Harry is here!

The ten days between my last post and his birth on June 29, 2005 were a bit crazy. First, I was really, really sick. As it turned out, when I went in for my appointment on June 28, they discovered that the threatened pre-eclampsia they had been worried about for a couple of weeks was making its ugly appearance. I had a BP of 168/98! Harry was doing fine, but his amniotic fluid was low, so it was decided that he really needed to come on into the world.

After 15 hours of hard, induced labor (during the middle of which my epidural disconnected - that was a real fun two hours before they got that working again), Harry wasn't making the progress we hoped, so he was finally delivered at 9:56 pm by emergency c-section. Here are his stats:

Hieronymus Gabriel
6 lb., 6 oz.
19.5" long - all arm and leg!
Born 9:56pm, June 29, 2005

My husband has a page with all of his nursery photos:



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