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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Only of interest to you parents...

We finished the nursery this week. We wanted something different and not cutesy - little bears and nursery rhyme themes make me gag. And we wanted something we weren't just going to have to repaint in a couple of years. So, we went with the Hawaiian thang (no surprise to anyone who knows us).

Well, to save space, Kris and I made this drop-down changing table (he got the idea while sitting in the restroom at Babies 'R Us, go figure) shaped like a boogie board. He did the construction work; I am just the painter.

Here it is, folded up:

And here it is folded down and ready to go:

Boring to all of you folks sans kids, but we are pretty proud of it. When he gets past that poopy-diaper stage, we will lower it and he can use it as a desk.


I am going out today to get a beach scene poster to hang above it, and then the room is done. If my family back in New York every come up with the swing they said they were getting him, everything will be ready and waiting for the big day. D Day.


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