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Friday, June 03, 2005

I am a whale!

I want to make it until next Friday. Really. That will put me EXACTLY at week 36. But after that, Harry is welcome to come ANY DAMN TIME he wants.

I have gained 32 pounds - UGH! That is out of the max of 35 that I set myself so that I could lose it all (plus some) after the baby. That means in five more weeks, I can only gain 3 more! Sooooooo - if he comes early, I won't have to have suffer.

The baby has definitely dropped. I started feeling his little head in my hip bones a few days ago, and, man oh man, can you tell. Can't pick up anything. Can't lift anything. Can't walk. All I do is whine, whine, whine. And, ask my friends, of my myriad of faults (I am not self-deceived about 'em), I am not generally a whiner.

It has been a bit of a struggle to keep up with work and the SCA, but I am treading water. I have managed to answer most of the critical email. I have got a few things I have to get out today, and I will handle those when I get home. I had to call my best friend Wednesday and tell her that there are some folks complaining about something they think she hasn't done. Typically, they are bitching without taking it to her to let her fix it first, but that's pretty much how life goes.

I think the problem is that folks cut slack for some people and not others. Lyz is not somebody people cut slack for. She is a complete force of nature - crazy, pink, ultra-girly, did I mention CRAZY? Very in-your-face take-me-or-leave-me. In short EVERYTHING that I am not. All right, except the in-your-face part. I love her to death, but I know that she is just one of those folks that does NOT engender neutral opinions. However, I don't make a habit of apologizing to anyone who I choose as my friends. All I know is that she has never let me down.

But more on my friends later. I have to run before I am late for work AGAIN.

DAMN this pregnancy-brain!


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