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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First post - AGAIN!

This is my second attempt at a first post. I screwed up the edit last time and lost the whole bloody thing (sigh). Unfortunately, I don't think I have the will to repeat the whole shebang, so this will be the Reader's Digest Version.

I started this Blog while waiting for my first son, Hieronymus Gabriel Koenig, to be born. The name is a long story. We are calling him Harry for short. We really aren't cruel parents. Really.

By we, I mean my husband, Kris, and I. I am lucky enough to be married to the most fabulous guy in the universe. I know lots of people say that, but I like to think in my case, it is actually true. He's a big guy, and I mean a REALLY BIG guy. Almost 7' and over 300 lb. It actually looks good on him. He has a sense of humor and an ego to match. Surprisingly, the ego looks good on him, too. He looks pretty much like a pro wrestler, but he is an IT geek for Tulane. Here he is doing his Morpheus impression (credit to Chip Talbert for photo):

Now, me, I shouldn't be throwing around the term geek. I definitely have the creds myself. I am a research Biochemist specializing in infectious disease (PhD Missouri, 2000) working for the federal government. Can't really get much geekier than that. IT people fall asleep when I tell them what I do.

Anyway, we live in a suburb of New Orleans, a city which I have this love-hate relationship with. It is the most incredible mix of old Europe and Third World country and it absolutely gets under your skin after a while. We hope we never have to leave.

Oh, did I mention we hit each other with sticks for a hobby? Kris and I are both armored fighters in the Society for Creative Anachronism . This is me in action (again, thanks to Chip):

We will be Coronated as the First King and Queen of the brand-new Kingdom of Gleann Abhann this October 1. The new Kingdom will cover the area including Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and a tiny slice of Tennessee and Kentucky.

But the big news is still Harry. We are incredibly excited that he is about to make his appearance in five short weeks or less. We are putting the finishing touches on his room this week - pics to come soon! As I am tired of being huge, swollen and in pain, the sooner the better.


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